Top Ladies’ Fashion Tips for Summer Festivals

Every summer without fail, festival season hits. As everyone clamours to book time off work, check the headliners, snap up rapidly-selling tickets, and find the cheapest/most waterproof tent available, there’s something else on people’s minds: what to wear.

Festivals sure aren’t easy to pack for. You can never quite tell if a sudden thunderstorm is on the horizon, how high the temperature will rise, and whether to bring your best clothes, knowing their chances of getting ruined! But there’s no need to overthink – just follow our quick guide to summer festival fashion.

Be practical
Sorry, but your mum is right: you’ll need to take a few useful items in case things get windy or rainy (which usually happens at UK festivals, let’s be honest). Other than trainers, a decent pair of wellies is essential, as is a good mac to keep potential raindrops away. Practical, black, basic clothing is on-trend, so you’ll likely not be out of place in camping gear! North Face jackets have become incredibly cool over the last few years – which is lucky, as they are warm and waterproof, so everyone wins. Check them out, and maybe you’ll even find one on sale.

Look cool
Even if you experience the odd bit of rain, that’s not to say you won’t get your fair share of sunshine too. You’re going to need a good pair of sunglasses to keep those harsh rays away from your eyes and, of course, actually see who’s on stage! As for frames, the choice is up to you, but we do recommend pink lenses. Not only will things gain a fantastical glow, but you’ll look downright awesome. Michael Kors stock a variety of colourful lens and sturdy frames, and you can even find them a bit cheaper online.

Feel chic
A festival outfit is nothing without denim cut-offs! They’ve become hugely popular in recent years, and for good reason. They look great, make you feel chic, and come in a tonne of colours and styles. We’ll suggest throwing on a white flowy kimono for good measure, as it adds a touch of that hippy vibe – perfect for any summer festival!

Don’t fret about bringing a bum bag – thanks to their reputation for being incredibly uncool – but when it’s festival time, you’ll be glad you’ve got something to carry your essentials without worrying about their safety.

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