R.A.G. Vintage to open next week

R.A.G Vintage on Norfolk Street will open its doors to the public on Monday 18th November.

The finishing touches are currently been added to the store, which will house both mens- and womanswear, and from 10am on Monday morning the first 50 customers to get inside will receive 20% off their purchase.

Speaking about the store’s ethos, R.A.G’s Alice Leadbitter told Exposed: “R.A.G  stands for reused and green, so we really want to highlight that buying second-hand and reused is a very affordable and sustainable way to shop. We wanted to create a brand that really reflected that.”

There’s a wide mix of styles on offer – from handpicked limited edition pieces to affordable products in every category you could think of. Half of the stock is one a three for £25 deal – a complete mix & match offering which could result in serious bargains considering some items included are £20 alone.

“We’ve also got a number or re-work products in the store – damaged jeans that have made into shorts, for example – and that all feeds back into the sustainability angle. We’ve had pieces of scrap fabric turned into scrunchies and denim bags from jean offcuts too.”

Keep up to date with all the latest R.A.G stock drops and offers at @ragvintageuk // facebook.com/ragvintage

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