Nicole Smallwood, Amber Le Bon and Gallo Family Vineyards Moscato Collaboration

Nicole Smallwood, Amber Le Bon and Gallo Family Vineyards collaborate and bring their collection to Sheffield Meadowhall.

With so many gorgeous trends around this Summer, it can be tricky knowing how to put your own slant on them and that’s where a chat with an international stylist and designer can come in very handy. I was lucky enough to grab Nicole Smallwood recently to find out about her collaboration with supermodel Amber Le Bon and Gallo Family Vineyards Moscato. The stylist and model hand selected their favourite pieces of the season for their Moscato must-have edit and Nicole brought them along to Meadowhall, where she was also offering bespoke style advice to shoppers at a pop-up personal style booth. She set aside some time to talk me through the looks.

“We based the edit around the three key trends dominating this Summer”, Nicole explained. “We focused on pastels, sports-luxe, and classic; Amber is famed for her boho-eclectic style but people already recognise her in that look, so we wanted to try something new and show people how to wear the main trends this season. It was really fun as Amber would come to me with items she really liked, such as a clutch she’d use on a night out, or her favourite sunglasses, and we’d incorporate them into the shoot”.

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Starting with classics, Nicole explained that a trend for timeless pieces really took off in its own right this season. “You can adapt classics according the weather both for summer and then as we head into Autumn/Winter. Amber and I wanted to give classic a twist, and also demonstrate how easy it is to update items you already have in your wardrobe. Instead of buying new, you could take a pair of older jeans and do some DIY to distress them”. Investment pieces also get Nicole’s vote. “A leather jacket is something you’ll keep for life, and it just gets better with age-it looks sexier the more it’s worn in, but it won’t get holes or discolour”.

Next up, the notoriously tricky pastel trend. “Pastels have been around for a few seasons now, but it’s only this season they’ve really come to the fore, because people lack confidence with them, I think! They’re so gorgeous though, just choose a shade that you’re comfortable with. Also, don’t be afraid to go brighter with them-even mix things up with some monochrome”.

nicole smallwood

Sports luxe is also a trickier trend to conquer, but Nicole explained, “The biggest misconception is that sports-luxe means shiny sweatpants and expensive trainers-that’s really not what it’s about! Amber wore pieces with a nod to sports but glammed up with heels. You can even take a sports-luxe top like a vest with some sequins and pair it with the classic smart jeans – whatever works for you”.

Nicole and Amber’s collection was inspired not only by the Summer’s hottest styles but by their collaboration with Gallo family Vineyards Moscato. “It really is the must-have wine for the season; the colour and taste is perfect for a Summer barbecue. We thought about what kind of looks you’d feel confident in turning up to a Summer party with your girlfriends, and we were inspired by that really”.


Amber Le Bon is launching Gallo Family Vineyards Moscato (£6.99). For more information, visit or

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