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Help Learn Create Sell receive RBS Funding

Learn Create Sell is a Sheffield-based non-profit organisation, which teaches design skills to unemployed people in Sheffield.


The organisation, which started in 2014, focuses on teaching new skills and has been working with Sheffield-based creatives, developing skills and learning how to make products on a laser cutter. By using the laser cutter, those enrolled in the Learn Create Sell programme are able to create bespoke and quirky products, including jewellery, clothing and accessories.

Co-founder, Zak Ahmed says “this has helped to unlock the creative potential of this group of unemployed people through an experiential learning platform and produce something positive to add to the controversial #benefitsbritain conversation.”


Each individual involved in the Learn Create Sell programme has learned skills to produce sellable products on a laser cutting machine, as well as being taught customer service and marketing skills. In addition to creating and selling produce, participants also gain a nationally recognised qualification in art and design. All profits from sales go directly back to their maker.


With its ongoing success and contribution to the Sheffield community, the project has been selected by the Royal Bank of Scotland as a potential awardee for their prestigious Skills and Opportunities Fund. The panel have recognised the long-term potential of Learn Create Sell, and if they gain enough votes will be awarded enough funding to carry the project through to summer. Voting ends this Friday so get your votes in quick! You can vote for Learn Create Sell (listed as Aalfy) here.


In addition to their selection by The Royal Bank of Scotland, Learn Create Sell currently have a pop-up shop in the Winter Gardens until November 14. Here you can grab bespoke items and personalised gifts, and with Christmas coming up there’s also an excellent selection of Christmas cards and decorations.

For more about Learn Create Sell, head to www.facebook.com/learncreatesell
To vote, (select Aalfy) head here

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