How to create the perfect master bedroom

One of the wonderful things about the new film version of Murder on the Orient Express, as seen at the Curzon Cinema in Sheffield, is the chance to view all those sumptuous and opulent interiors peopled by a cast of great actors in fabulously flamboyant roles. Of course, you could say it’s just an old Agatha Christie story about a crime committed on a train, however that would be to deny the magic of the experience that simultaneously dazzles and charms the audience.

So, in the style of the Orient Express, you should aim to accomplish a sense of endearing enchantment and a nod towards the height of luxury in order to to create a perfect master bedroom in your home. This is not to say that you should immediately introduce velvet and silk as go-to fabrics to your bedroom, but rather to encourage you to get into the spirit of the magic of the movie and aim to create a luxurious and relaxing atmosphere.

After all, this is the place you will want to long to retire to at the end of a busy day. Your perfect bedroom should pander to your creature comforts and reflect your personal tastes. It should be intimate and soothing, an oasis of calm and rest.

Although designers vary in their opinions about matching or mismatching bits and pieces – bedside tables, reading lamps, etc. – they almost all agree about making the bed the focal point of the room and playing with five key elements to make everything work.

The five elements

Good designers use three key elements to create an ideal master bedroom. These are colour and light; daylight as well as artificial light. Great designers will also factor in bed linen and something along the lines of a reading or quiet meditation/relaxation area, if space permits. Let’s examine why these elements make such a difference to this special room in your home.


You will want soft, soothing colour in your bedroom that creates a gentle, calming atmosphere as soon as you enter the room. If your home has an overall colour palette opt for something at the lighter end to promote relaxation in the bedroom. For instance, if you absolutely must have Pantone colour of the year 2018, ultra-violet, tone it down to at least a pale lilac for your master bedroom, so it is lighter and softer than the rest of the décor in your home.

Natural light

Natural daylight enhances any room and there is no doubt that sunlight in your master bedroom will brighten your mood as well as your mornings. Let it stream in as part of your wake-up call on summer mornings. Use shutters on your windows to mellow natural light and to create a complete, calm blackout when it’s time for artificial lighting to take over.

Artificial lighting

A central ceiling light is useful so you can see clearly across the whole room, without shadows, however make good use of matching bedside lamps and additional area lighting that will reduce and soften overhead glare. Lots of designers favour chandeliers for a romantic touch in master bedrooms, however in the evenings, you will want to be able to control lighting easily so the important thing is to make it as adjustable as possible, to suit changes of mood and ambience.


That moment when you sink into bed and enjoy the luxury of clean, comfortable bedding is like a magic charm, so make the most of it. You may have a favourite Sheffield supplier for bed linen and it’s worth taking the time to seek out the best quality you can find to ensure you are always comfortable and feel suitably pampered.

Comfort zone

Sometimes just placing a pair of chairs together in a corner as a dressing/undressing area or adding an ottoman at the foot of your bed creates a natural unwinding space where people can curl up together to share an intimate moment.

Personal touches

When you’ve taken care of the five key elements you may want to add some things that are truly personal to you as part of your master bedroom décor. This might be favourite family photos of loved ones or heirloom artefacts that you prefer to enjoy in private, rather than putting them on show in your living room. Sometimes favourite paintings, perhaps ones that you bought together, can make a lovely addition to a master bedroom, while delicate China ornaments can create a really romantic feel.

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