Brand new salon Black Cactus is prickling ears…

Brand new, unique salon Black Cactus is the latest beauty business to grace the streets of Sheffield, and it’s got some big names behind it. 

Situated in the sophisticated West One plaza on Fitzwilliam Street in the heart of the city centre, the salon is run by the talented hair stylist Danny Richardson and co-partner make-up artist Maxine Holland. You might recognize them from their regular appearances on  E4’s ‘Body Fixers’. Maxine has also popped up regularly on hit TV show, Don’t Tell the Bride.

Devoted to her profession, Maxine has recently been awarded the ‘Best Salon-Based Makeup Specialist 2017’ in The English Hair and Beauty Awards 2017. She is a leader in her field, and a believer in the power of makeup: “Good makeup really enhances our natural beauty and I will always enjoy seeing a client’s reaction to their finished look, especially when they’ve undergone a complete transformation. The smile on their face always reminds me why I will never tire of doing the job that I do.”

Danny, lead hair stylist, also talks of his experience on the hit TV show: “My experience of Body Fixers really inspired me to bring a new generation of aesthetic services to Black Cactus to ensure that we are more than just a salon and that we provide a one-stop-shop for all our customers’ needs.”

The pair have got a joint vision for their salon – to increase people’s body confidence. With the idea of what makes the ‘perfect’ body is constantly changing, especially through the force of social media, it’s a particularly prickly issue.But Black Cactus seem to have the best intentions and the right attitude to make this a success.

Black Cactus already holds four professional hair stylists and beauticians whose aim is to introduce clients to new techniques and cutting-edge styles that will not only suit them, but enhance their body confidence. The business is hoping to expand with the already immense demand – which by the sound of Maxine and Danny’s wonderful ethic, is no surprise.

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