Best Looks for a Night Out

We’ve all been there. Rummaging your wardrobe in search of the perfect skirt, emptying drawers looking for the ideal dress and now there’s a pile of clothes on the floor but you still don’t know what to wear tonight. Finding the right outfit can be stressful so how about you check out our five best looks for a night out for some inspiration?

Night out with the girls
This is the kind of night to have fun and let loose but it doesn’t mean that you and your squad won’t be ready for the catwalk. In these occasions anything from a skirt and a crop top to a jumpsuit or a dress can work but looking classy and polished is a must.

Casino night
A lot of UK casinos don’t have a dress code. They’re more focused on creating a relaxed and inclusive environment. Only the most exclusive casinos will tend to enforce a smart dress code. Usually if a casino is part of a resort, the dress code will be more casual but it’s still recommended to avoid shorts and open shoes. At night is when people tend to class it up. This is the perfect opportunity for you to get out of your comfort zone. An exciting night out at a casino can spice up not only your night out routine but also your wardrobe.

You can go simple and cute with a black cocktail dress or even go a step further and add a sparkly element like the floor-length skirt below. Topped with a pair of sophisticated heels, you’re ready to go.

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Casual night out
A casual outing doesn’t necessarily means dressing down. You can still look stylish wearing skinny jeans. The combo ‘top and jeans’ can be easily elevated with a statement necklace or high heel boots.

Night out with your co-workers
Your work life and your personal life can sometimes cross paths. Going out with the people you work with and being unsure of what to wear is quite common but nothing that your old little black dress can’t fix. As long as it’s not too short it’s a perfectly fine outfit to socialise with the office crew.

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