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Now there ain’t many reasons to get up bright and early on a Saturday and drag yourself out of bed, but the prospect of getting first dibs on some seriously discounted vintage clobber was reason enough for us last weekend.

Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair and The Vintage Kilo Sale brought almost five tonnes of vintage apparel to A New Shop on Division Street, and for a mere quid in there were racks upon racks of dresses, denim, blouses, shirts, skirts, jumpers, tees and trousers to browse through.

kilo sale 2Making use of the old age ethos that clothing should be sold by weight, the deal is that you buy at a rate of £15 a kilo, which works out at almost 4-5 items, depending on weight. Keen to find out more (and to have first pick of course) we rocked up at 9.30am just as a queue was forming around the corner and smugly wangled our way in.

P1040457Feeling slightly overwhelmed at the sheer volume of clothes on offer, we decided it was best to dive straight into the Christmas jumpers before moving swiftly onto a bunch of particularly loud shirts.

P1040459All in all I ended up with four shirts and a jumper, which at the weigh-in came to a mere £14. Absolute bargain. Sound up your street? Look out for the Vintage Kilo Sale as it makes its way around the UK.

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