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20 Celebrity skin care secrets

There are plenty of female celebrities with immaculate skin – even celebs who are currently in their forties. How do they stay looking so good? Here are twenty of their reported secrets for keeping their skin looking amazing.

  1. They start looking after their skin decades earlier, judging from comments by Beverly Hills dermatologist Harold Lancer.
  2. They put on sunscreen every single day – even in winter, says dermatologist to celebs and supermodels, Albert M. Lefkovitz.
  3. They use sunscreens of the right strength – think broad spectrum and SPF 20 creams.
  4. They even routinely apply sunscreen 15 minutes before they go out in the morning, plus at least one more application a few hours afterwards.
  5. However, they always apply sunscreen last when layering their beauty products.
  6. On the other hand, Nicole Kidman has admitted that, as her porcelain skin can be too easily sun-damaged, she never goes in the sun.
  7. They regularly don sunglasses, which can prevent squinting and crow’s feet. Taylor Swift has a lot to look forward to, then…Taylor swift sunglasses
  8. They regularly turn to retinoids. These are vitamin-A derivatives that help to keep skin looking young by accelerating the turnover of skin cells.
  9. They even use retinoids at night, as recommended by Dr. Lefkovitz.
  10. They get facials once a month for skin exfoliation.
  11. They also exfoliate their skin at home, in-between skin exfoliation appointments.
  12. Celebs in their twenties get peels to counter that common problem of youngsters: acne…
  13. Celebs in their thirties, meanwhile, get peels to banish problems with uneven pigmentation.
  14. As for celebs in – yes – their forties? They use peels for getting rid of sun-damaged skin.
  15. Celebs quickly address skin inflammations, which can reportedly lead to premature aging.
  16. They don’t pick at their pimples, either, as this leads to inflammation.
  17. Actress Mary-Louise Parker swears by anti-aging products that are natural and she can even use on her kids.Mary-Louise-Parker-mary-louise-parker-169374_1280_800
  18. Celebs wash their faces every night; failing to do so can lead to clogged pores caused by makeup.
  19. They use – as advised by dermatologist David Colbert, whose clients include Rachel Weisz and Naomi Campbell – moisturiser with antioxidants such as vitamins C.
  20. They use injectables like Botox, but only sparingly.


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