The Common Room to Showcase the Best of Bourbon at One-off Event

The Common Room is set to host its first True North Curator’s Club – on August 1st guests will be invited to take a journey across America to explore the history of traditional bourbon whiskey. This one-off event offers the chance to discover and taste an array of American bourbon in the popular Sheffield city-centre bar. The Common Room is well renowned for its extensive spirit collection, and in true form, the event will bring together whiskey lovers from all over Sheffield.

The event will be hosted by Common Room’s own Kyran Shearer; he shares his excitement about being involved in the tasting event – “As soon as we decided to put on the event, I volunteered to host it straight away! I love discovering more about my favourite spirits and I’m really looking forward to sharing what I’ve learnt about bourbon.”

“On the night, we’ll get to taste at least 3 different varieties of bourbon and see how different techniques make different flavours. These tasting events are always fun and are a perfect for a night out with friends, so we hope you come down and join us.”

Not only will guests learn about the history of bourbon, but they will also get the opportunity to taste a selection of authentic whiskeys that have been distilled and aged in the heart of America using a range of traditional techniques. From modern day blends to prohibition moonshine, the event offers a chance to try something new with friends and fellow fans of whiskey.

The one-off event with True North Curators Club will take place on Thursday 1st August at 7pm at The Common Room on Devonshire Street. At only £15 per person, including three drinks, it is the perfect way to treat a friend or simply enjoy something different. Advance bookings are requires with a deposit of £5 per person.

These events often book up quickly, so it is advised to reserve your space early on. Bookings can be made by calling 0114 280 8221, emailing bookings@common-room.co.uk or booking directly online at www.common-room.co.uk

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