Sensoria Presents an Outdoor Screening of Robin Hood

Who says Nottingham should claim all the glory? Before Robin Hood took up residence in Sherwood Forest, he was known as Robin Of Loxley, and in case it had escaped anyone’s notice, that makes him from Sheffield. Another of our more contemporary Sheffield legends, those folk behind the Sensoria festival, are backing a growing campaign to re-claim the outlaw as one of our own. Most of us would accept that the definitive screen version of Robin Hood was the epic ‘Adventures of Robin Hood’ where he was played by Errol Flynn. Not surprisingly, given the innovative approach of the Sensoria team, they’ve chosen to screen in Storrs Wood in the beautiful Loxley Valley itself, on August 31st, at 2pm and again at 5:30pm. Olivia De Havilland, who recently reached the age of 103, plays Maid Marion, and their on screen love affair was the very definition of a Golden Age Hollywood romance.

Sensoria are not alone in trying to reinstate the Loxley connection. There are plans for a book, permanent markers of key spots in the area, and in May 2020 there will be an ‘Outlaw’s Picnic’, near his ‘birthplace’. The campaign has the backing of  Dr David Clarke, of the Centre for Contemporary Legend, at Sheffield Hallam University, who commented,

 “Robin Hood is part of our city’s heritage and the story that he was born at Loxley can be traced back in documentary evidence and oral tradition to the early 17th century. The moniker “Robin of Loxley” has since become part of popular culture. Sheffield could make so much more of its status as the birthplace of one England’s greatest folk heroes. We are working with Sensoria to bring him back home.”

Tickets for the screenings are available from for the 2pm screening and for the 5:30pm screening. There will be a small bar on site and food from Sunshine Pizza.

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