Gig Preview – Maisha

Touring on the back of their recent acclaimed debut album ‘There Is A Place’, ever-evolving music collective Maisha, led by drummer Jake Long, bring their fresh slant to the spiritual jazz tradition to Sheffield.

Whilst channelling jazz titans like Don Cherry and Pharoah Sanders, Maisha also imbue the music with their own individual influences including hypnotic West African rhythms and Afrobeat.

The band’s recent album, ‘There Is A Place’, takes listeners on a mystical adventure through life with the wavering sounds of popular piece ‘Azure’. As the album progresses, songs intensify with their sweeping saxophone wails and rattling rhythms, giving listeners the sensations of galloping, jubilantly across open meadows.

The result is a brilliant, a mix that combines the spirit of Alice Coltrane with the swing of Fela Kuti and the greatness of Kamasi Washington and Sun Ra. Audiences should expect an unmissable evening of shape-shifting, beguiling and intensely rhythmic music that firmly places Maisha at the forefront of modern British jazz.

Maisha bring their UK tour to Sheffield’s Bungalows and Bears on May 23rd and to top it off the event is free to attend, making this a night in the Steel City that you can’t afford to miss.

For a full listing of Maisha’s UK tour dates, head over to where more information for tickets can be found.

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