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Tomas Harker Art Exhibition

Artist Tomas Harker exhibition at 35 Chapel Walk, from September 1-14.

Worksop artist Tomas Harker will be having his first solo exhibition in Sheffield from the 1st-14th of September. Using oils as a primary medium, Tomas has developed a personal painting style as a means of expression.


“Utilising accident, improvisation, distortion and destruction as tools, my work is guided with a personal aesthetic towards achieving a particular visceral expression. I experiment with the physical distortion and deconstruction to the surface of the painting, opening opportunity to chance and sometimes evoking the surreal. I aim to create enigmatic, dynamic images that at surface level have an abstract quality. Figurative images chosen in my paintings are often stripped of detail, manipulated, partly indeterminable and sometimes subjective; creating a frame to centre concentration upon the subject expressed and offer invitation for reflection.”

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