Through The Lens: Peddler Market

Sheffield’s premier bi-monthly night market is back again on May 1, serving up more great street food and craft beer alongside art displays and live music performances. With a huge variety of glorious grub from traditional British fare to sizzling Mexican cuisine, beefy burgers and the hottest of dogs. Exposed photoblogger Ellie Grace went down to snap the market in action over the last weekend it was on.

It was set up in October last year by Ben Smith and Jordan Roberts, who realised that Sheffield had space for a good quality street food market. Sheffield and Yorkshire as a whole has seen a huge rise in independent traders, especially food, drink and the arts, so it made sense to bring all those traders together for one big event that everyone can enjoy. Peddler is nestled away in Sheffield’s cultural industries quarter on Arundel Street and uses a beautifully characteristic ex-industrial building to host some of the event. In 156 Arundel Street you’ll find loads of talented local artists working away and interacting with fellow art lovers and curious minds. In previous months you would have seen prints in the making from The Owlery, some beautiful lines and illustrations from Geo Law, art from APG Works, funny and original drawings from Neil Carribine and artwork from Yasmina. Roanna Wells was also busy carving beautiful spoons under spotlight.

I arrived on the Friday at 7, thinking it would only just be starting to get busy as it opened at 5. Yet the street was full, there were queues for every vendor and not a spare seat in sight. My nostrils were instantly filled with the delicious wafts of food cooking right in front of us. There was plenty to take pick from, ranging from burgers, wraps, fish and chips and loads more. Although I pretty much made a straight b-line for the prosecco bar there were plenty of other drinks up for offer. The Hop Box was there for all your beery needs and just inside you could either have a hot drink from The Depot Bakery or try one of their tasty cocktails. I did have an espresso martini, made by the guys at Tamper Coffee – finally an espresso martini made with real coffee! They had DJs to entertain your ears all night and it seemed to be incredibly busy all throughout the evening.

I of course went back the next day, not just because of this blog but I was a little hungover and lets face it all that was going to help was a good beer and some quality street food. The weather was perfect! For a Saturday in March the sun had got his hat on, and it was even warm enough to take your coat off. I decided to go very close to the opening time so it wasn’t too busy – I was wrong. Turning the corner for Arundel Street I found it was filled again. It was a totally different crowd to the previous night, there were children running around, families tucking into the grub and lots of beautiful dogs prowling around hoping for scraps – I’ll try not to go on about the puppy I fell in love with too much. The food vendors had changed which was a good move as if people, like me, went twice and they had more great quality traders to choose from.

The next one is 1st and 2nd May, if you want to know anymore about the event details please head to Peddler’s website. Oh and someone buy me a puppy please.


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