Botanical Gardens Ellie Grace Photography

Through The Lens: Botanical Gardens

This week Exposed photoblogger Ellie Grace takes us through the lens into the idyllic setting of Sheffield Botanical Gardens.
I think we’re possibly the luckiest city in the whole of the UK, with greenery around every single corner, it’s most definitely the prettiest city in that sense. One of my favourite places to visit is the Botanical Gardens – it’s just so beautiful!

I’ve come here many many times and for so many different reasons, if it’s just passing through, a place of respite, somewhere to sunbathe or a picnic with friends. I’ve also taken my dad to watch the Glenn Miller Orchestra and even watched Peter Pan – the outdoor entertainment nights are fantastic! It has over 15 different themed areas, loads of lawn space, the stunning pavilions and of course the bear! The squirrels are quite clearly becoming well acquainted with human beings as they will literally come right up to you in hope of some food, and you might even be lucky enough to bump into the lion (okay it’s actually a rather large ginger cat).

One thing that I’ve always wanted to do is the riddle trail, so I decided to set off on a voyage of discovery and solve the riddles. Unfortunately, I had to use the good old fashion internet to bring up the riddle on my phone. NOT because I was cheating but because the 3rd clue has been worn (or broken) off so the only hint we got from that one was “green”, not exactly giving much away. Sadly the 5th clue was missing as well and after we spent a good 20 minutes looking exactly where it should have been we reached the conclusion that the hole in the ground was where it should have been.

However even with these two missing it was still fun, just be armed with the clues for yourself but no cheating! One of the other clues was also sadly broken, but readable, and had some great additions of Stella cans surrounding it. I think this riddle trail needs some serious TLC and a good old resurrection as it is a wonderful way to do a round tour of the gardens and entertain the children… and the big kids too.

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