Thriller @ The Lyceum

Right from the offset as we enter The Lyceum Motown tunes are blasted out to the audience, getting us ready for two hours of non-stop Michael Jackson hits in West End favourite, Thriller Live.

Naturally, starting with Jackson Five classics, the repertoire moved through to Motown hits mixed with a bit of disco, with the finale of the first act culminating in the impressively performed ‘Can You Feel It?’

Intermittently throughout the beginning of the production, the compere narrates some of his early work and achievements, adding a nice bit of context to the energetic live performances. It’s worth mentioning the fantastic female lead showing off stunning vocals (plus I don’t think anyone has ever looked quite so good in a sparkly gold jumpsuit!)

All of the performers have a distinct Michael Jackson twang to their voices, transporting you back in time to the MJ heyday, doing his legacy justice. The four lead singers give it their absolute all and the dancers make you breathless just watching – it’s clear they all have an incredible amount of passion from the energy they give off on stage.

Thriller Live is a real celebration of Michael Jackson’s music and achievements, with the end of the show’s renditions of ‘Thriller’ and ‘Bad’ being the absolute highlights. The whole audience are on their feet and in the aisles dancing and singing; even our two (way past their bedtime) six year olds are giving it their all. As I watch one of them moonwalk all the way back to the carpark it’s clear the music of Michael Jackson will live on for generations.

Amy Tingle


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