A play about Joy Division is coming to The Leadmill in September

New Dawn Fades, a play centred around the formation of Joy Division during the punk revolution of the 1970s, will be performed at The Leadmill on 16 September.

The 1970s was a pivotal stage of Manchester’s musical history. While many great bands emerged from this time, it is a unanimous fact that Joy Division define the era.

The band’s LP  ‘Unknown Pleasures’ is a renowned piece of punk rock that continues to inspire. To celebrate 40 years since its release, the 2013 phenomenon about the band’s evolution, New Dawn Fades, is back touring the UK.

The production provides a unique insight into Manchester’s dynamic culture through the guidance of Tony Wilson. As the audience follows his narrative of the heart and soul of both the band and the city, a new perspective is given to the Joy Division story.

‘New Dawn Fades is more than a play about Joy Division; it’s about Manchester, friendship, love and heartbreak… it’s clear this is a piece full of energy’ The Good Review

The play features an array of live performances of the band’s cult classics. The music, combined with the carefully crafted stage production and vibrant plot results in an emotive retelling of the band’s formative years.

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