Handmade Cinema to bring classic dinosaur films to life

The award-winning Handmade Cinema will be hosting unique screenings of ‘The Land Before Time’ and ‘Jurassic Park’ at Weston Park Museum.

Founded in 2013 by Ellie Ragdale, Handmade Cinema is renowned for its innovative screening experience. Working with volunteers, the company carefully crafts decorations and props to emulate the films. 

The latest event, in collaboration with Museums Sheffield, will take place this Sunday, 24 February. They will be screening the 1980s classic ‘The Land Before Time’ along with Stephen Spielberg’s cult favourite ‘Jurassic Park’. Prepare for dinosaurs to be traipsing around and expect the venue to be decked out in jungle scenery for the occasion.

Creative director of Handmade Cinema, Ellie Ragdale, says: “We could think of no better place in Sheffield than Weston Park to screen two of our favourite family dinosaur films. From the narrative to the beautiful landscapes and animation, ‘The Land Before Time’ is a rollercoaster ride of friendship, peril and heart. Jurassic Park is the epitome of dinosaur films, its pre-CGI effects still impress and paired with fast paced action and humour it makes for a thrilling watch. Both films have really stood the test of time and we can’t wait to introduce them to a new audience of children.”

Tickets cost £6 per screening and are available from: handmadecinema.co.uk

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