The Woman in Black Review

Review of The Woman in Black at The Lyceum Theatre.

There is nothing quite as tense as being surrounded by hundreds of people sitting on the edge of their seats, their nerves in shreds as they anticipate the next fright of the evening. The Woman in Black was a truly gripping performance, suitable for anyone who dares to take on the darkest memories of a troubled solicitor dwelling on his terrifying past. Currently celebrating its 25th year in the West End, The Woman in Black is proving to be a scary success. Arthur Kipps (Malcolm James) and a young actor (Matt Connor) are the only cast members in the play and together they begin to interpret the manuscript of the story through a dramatic performance. Kipps has become consumed by the hauntings of Eel Marsh House and enlists the help of an actor to help him recount his experiences and tell his family. As the play unfolds, the audience become part of the chilling tale that Arthur Kipps is so keen to expose and slowly, myth and reality begin to merge creating an atmosphere of terror.

Join the protagonists on the 2014/15 UK tour as they cleverly recreate the ghost story through the use of audio aids, an eerie stage set up, and the sheer use of imagination. Learn of the tragic secrets uncovered after the death of Alice Drablow, the danger of the Nine Lives Causeway and the mystery surrounding the woman ‘with skin stretched over her face’. Over 7 million people have been transported into the chilling tale of The Woman in Black, but be careful, because once you’ve seen her, who knows what tragedies may follow…

Eve Moore

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