The Full Monty: 23 must-do things in Sheffield

Large-scale events and crowded dancefloors may be some time off yet, but there are still ways in which you can enjoy some incredible experiences here in the Steel City. Faced with a global pandemic, the local hospitality industry has worked wonders to continuously adapt and instil safety measures to keep things moving, and when it comes to eating and drinking, soaking up some culture, or simply exploring the great outdoors, you’re in one of best spots in the country. We’ll keep you well in the loop with what’s going on each month, but to get you started off nicely here are a few of our Sheff must-dos. Just stick to the latest safety guidelines and you’ll be reyt.

Try Henderson’s Relish
During your time here you might hear it referred to as “Hendo’s”, “Hendie’s”,
“Henderson’s” or just plan “relish”. But this famous sauce had been made in Sheff since the 1880s and is a very important part of local culinary culture; it’s even inspired poems, artwork, songs, and more than a few questionable tattoos. Gluten-free, vegetarian/vegan-friendly and rated so much by Sean Bean that he’d get it delivered around the world when filming for long periods abroad. Your Sheffield experience isn’t complete until you’ve given it a go.

Have a brew at Steamyard
Nestled away in a picturesque courtyard off Division Street, this popular café is a charming spot serving up some of the best coffee and doughnuts you’ll find up north. It’s that good people love to shout about it, and in 2019 it became the most instagrammed independent coffee shop in the UK. We’d also highly recommend Albies, The Grind, Tamper, Marmadukes and Bragazzis for your caffeinated kicks too.

Day out in the Peaks
A mere 20-minutes drive (or train journey) from the city centre will find you entering the Peak District – the first ever national park in the United Kingdom and covering a space of almost 1,500km2. Expect plenty of quaint villages to explore, while some of the best scenic walking routes in the whole country are available to find at

Do the Irish triangle
Three pubs: The Grapes, The Dog & Partridge and Fagan’s. Three of the best pints of Guinness you’ll find within these seven hills. The winner? You decide.

Try an escape
The ‘Escape Room’ phenomenon has taken the UK by force and Sheffield has become a prime spot to partake in it, offering a selection of themed challenges to pit your wits against. Maybe you want to test friendships or properly evaluate your new flatmates? Either way, the Great Escape Game demands cooperation, teamwork and logical reasoning for success. Book your slot at

2) Try an Escape Rooms experience Time to put those puzzle-solving abilities – and patience levels – to the test with an escape game challenge. Sheff has plenty of places to try your hand at this lark; whether it’s The Great Escape Game, Crack the Code or Escape Sheffield, you’ve got plenty to go at in the city centre. Perfect for team-bonding days or just a fun afternoon out with pals.

Enjoy the green space
Sheff is one of the greenest cities in the UK, with around 250 parks, woodlands and garden spaces. During stressful times nature can provide a positive impact on both mood and health, allowing for a bit of respite from the hustle and bustle of university life – not to mention a way to take a break from the onslaught of negative news arriving daily on our timelines. The Botanical Gardens, Devonshire Green and Endcliffe Park are three popular student hangouts to get you started with.

Image: Shane Rounce

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