Alexandra Burke Bodyguard

The Bodyguard @ The Lyceum

From the onset, The Bodyguard proved to be a dramatic experience. We’d barely settled in our seats before the theatre was plunged into darkness and a deafening gunshot sound shocked the audience into captivation.

The production was simple yet elegant and told the story wonderfully. The log cabin scene in particular was extremely well done, making me want to cosy up by the fire.

The role of Rachel Marron was really well executed by Alexandra Burke; her voice was powerful and up to the task of taking on Whitney Huston’s famous character. In fact the music was so dominant that it had the effect of detracting from the storyline slightly, making it feel that at times you were at an Alexandra Burke concert, rather than a musical. Nevertheless I think it can be forgiven, considering the standard.

And that’s not to say it was lacking in high production values; the video projection for the stalker scenes provided an intensity to the production that incited feelings of genuine horror when he came on stage – those eyes still give me a chill!

It would also be rude not to mention the role of Nicki Marron (Rachel’s sister) played by Melissa James. Her voice was incredible, providing a solid supporting role. Rachel’s son Fletcher, played by Samuel Brown, was also extremely entertaining to watch and it was clear he was enjoying the show as much as the audience as he danced around onstage with Alexandra and the crew towards the end.

The greatest accolade of the evening was from my Mother who came with me. She had previously seen The Bodyguard at the West End starring Beverley Knight, and said The Lyceum’s version definitely out-shone it. We would both go and see this again without a shadow of a doubt.


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