Splinters Theatre Group: Rent Interview

Exposed catches up with Abbi (Mimi) from Splinters theatre group, on the cusp of their 25th year together and ahead of their forthcoming Rent production in January 2015.

How did you first get involved with Splinters?

I first joined Splinters at the age of 16 for the production of We Will Rock You and got the chance to perform one of my first ever leading roles as the character Scaramouche.

Congratulations on the 25th Anniversary of the Splinter theatre group, how are you celebrating such a milestone?

The 25th anniversary will be my second show with Splinters and it’s fantastic to work with such a friendly and talented company again and at such a great venue.

What attracted you to the Rent musical as your production of choice this winter?

I had previously performed in Rent, playing the same part ‘Mimi’ before I studied at drama school. I have only recently moved to Sheffield and thought this would be a great opportunity to be part of a amazing show with a friendly cast. I also knew the production would be of an extremely high standard.

Can you tell us about your character?

The character Mimi is suffering with AIDS and has a drug addiction, she feeds her habit by dancing at the local strip club. All of this whilst falling head over heels for the guarded but gorgeous character Roger. She is a feisty, fun and confident girl that at times breaks down and shows her raw vulnerability.

What can audiences expect music-wise from Rent?

The music is powerful and uplifting with a rocky edge. It has a diverse range of songs, complexly written by the talented composer Jonathan Larson.

The narrative spans a year, beginning and ending on Christmas Eve – any festive numbers in there?

We have a song called Christmas Bells where the snow is beginning to fall over the city. It is a faced paced complex piece with around twenty characters singing different lyrics and rhythms on top of one another.

How can people get involved with Splinter’s productions in the future?

Find out on our Splinters Facebook page about our next show and how to be involved.

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