Sheffield Cathedral showcasing ‘Solace Angel Wings’ sculpture

Sheffield Cathedral is currently exhibiting a beautiful glass and metalwork collaborative sculpture by Layne Rowe and Ryan Harms.

For a month, an intricate three-metre design depicting the wings of an angel will stand inside the historic building. Made up of 110 individually sculpted glass feathers made from clear glass and fine white cane work (by leading glass artist Layne Rowe), each hung from the bones of the wings forged from Iron by the metalwork artist Ryan Harms. Ryan and Layne began their angelic collaboration during the pandemic, the freedom and strength of the winged symbol beautifully depicting the loss of loved ones from Covid and now strength and unity for the causalities of Ukraine.

With inspiration taken from the flight of trained pigeons, the structure embodies the movement of taking flight capturing an expression of liberation and breaking free.

Sheffield’s Dean, Revd Abigail Thomson stands inbetween the angel wings.

The installation is for everyone, of all faiths or none at all. Feel free to take pictures or even purchase your own piece of the wings, with individual feathers being sold at the gift shop.

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