Sheffield-based comedy launches this weekend!

An up-and-coming film production company, Beatniq Media, will release the pilot episode of a brand new Sheffield-based comedy this Saturday (5th November).

‘Reprobates’ follows the lives of four egocentric young hipsters who fail at running a pub at the centre of Sheffield due to the chaos that revolves around their lives. The Rutland Arms serves as the filming location for the pub in question, and writer/director Zena Igbe hopes that the depiction of failure onscreen will make viewers feel a bit better about their own hardships.

“It features a strong range of very different characters, each one featuring characteristics hand-picked from real people in my life,” Zena told us. “Their relationship to each other is as unlikely and complex as many friendships are. As the name suggests, none of them are really any good at anything. By depicting their hilariously chaotic and deeply incompetent lives, we hope to make people feel a bit better about f**king up sometimes. After all, at least you’re not one of these people!”

After the introductory pilot episode, the series will examine issues faced by the characters in more detail and how they deal with topics such as gender identity issues, coming out to family, abuse and mental health issues. In Zena’s words: “Confronting issues is what we do, and laughing at them is the best way to do it.”

To get involved or find out more, email
Website // @beatniqmedia //@reprobatestheseries


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