ShAFF returns – with a rebellious streak!

Sheffield Adventure Film Festival has launched the new theme for its 2020 festival, Acts of Rebellion, promising three days of curated outdoor adventure films with a focus on championing activity in the wild. Proudly the largest urban adventure film festival in the UK, ShAFF has garnered international attention this year, with hundreds of filmmakers across the world submitting entries that showcase what outdoor adventure means to them.

Aptly taking place in the Showroom Cinema of one of the UK’s greenest cities, the urban adventure film festival is now in its 15th year, and remains committed to celebrating natural spaces across the world. Sustainability and conservation are central to the festival’s vision, as director Matt Heason told us:

“If we love the wild places we adventure in, we also have a duty to protect them… we want ShAFF to inspire everyone to use their adventurous skills and spirit to come together and shape the world for the better.”

This year, the festival is taking action on its carbon footprint. The introduction of the ethical film stamp is being used to promote how the festival, as well as the wider film industry, can positively impact the environment. This runs alongside efforts to use source locally and push repair culture, fore fronted by the ShAFF Repair Café, another addition new for 2020.

As part of the Outdoor City Festival of the Outdoors, an event running throughout March in celebration of all things wild, ShAFF seeks to promote adventure and activity as much as it does the films that showcase it. The festival promises to offer something for all audiences, with sessions for cycling, mountain sports, climbing, and water and snow sports alongside itineraries for runners, cyclists and families.

Tickets for the festival, running from  from 20th -22nd March, are on sale now on the Showroom Cinema website. The full programme is available on the Sheffield Adventure Film Festival’s website.

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