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Save Our Cultural Industries Quarter

Sign the petition to save the cultural industries quarter in Sheffield.

What makes Sheffield different to any other UK city? Sheffield is a city rich in history and a hub of thriving creative industries.

Our Cultural Industries Quarter, made up of Sidney Street, Matilda Street, Arundel Street and Sylvester Street, is known as the home of preserved historical buildings; small reminders of Sheffield’s steelworks past. With plenty of investment in the city in the nineties and noughties, Sheffield saw itself develop into one of the North’s most prominent cities, with modern architecture and modern businesses.

Although this development has increased the appeal and tourism of Sheffield, the heritage and history of the city has slightly dwindled. The input of towering buildings, chain restaurants and high street stores cannot help but cause a slight de-characterisation of the city centre. The Cultural Industries Quarter has so far kept the historical charm of Sheffield alive. A range of historical buildings that have stood the test of time are charming reminders of where Sheffield began. These buildings combined with bespoke and unique street art light up the streets and almost resonate with urban areas of Berlin, creating something very different to other cities throughout the UK.

Not only are these streets a reminder of our city’s history, they are also the home of thriving creative businesses. The conservation area is currently used by a number of small businesses, artists, and musicians, providing space that is important for the continued cultural development of the city. The buildings are perfect for those just starting up, offering affordable workspaces for up and coming creative entrepreneurs and manufacturers. With Sheffield being a special city with a history of entrepreneurship and creativity, these buildings contribute valuably to the character of our city.

Therefore, when Sheffield City Council announced approved plans to demolish a large proportion of buildings located within the Cultural Industries Quarter, it has unsurprisingly been met with a large voice of opposition. The plans, which were approved 26th September, will see many of the buildings demolished and replaced by blocks of flats and car parks, potentially closing down a variety of small businesses and creative spaces.

Local man Edward Crisp is running a petition through to oppose these changes, and has attracted 1,934 signatures so far. There have been voices of support of his petition, some of them currently occupants of the Creative Industries Quarter, fearing the demolishment of their livelihoods as a result from Sheffield City Council’s plans.

Let’s not compromise the identity of Sheffield and lose what makes us unique to other UK cities. The overall result of these plans would be a significant loss of space used by businesses, artists, musicians which contribute to the cultural significance of the city.

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