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The Rocky Horror Show @ The Lyceum

The Rocky Horror Show is a musical experience like no other. Rather than your typical show with big gut-busting ballads, Rocky Horror boasts fishnets and Rock ‘n’ Roll. Since its debut in the 1970‘s it has spawned a film and somewhat of a cult following who keep coming back to theatres each year.

For those who have not attended the show before, the crowd regularly dress as characters from the show; think corsets and suspenders, maid outfits and glittery gold top hats. I even had the amusement of sitting next to a charming fellow dressed as the character Rocky, wearing nothing but gold pants. Audience members play a vital part in the Rocky Horror experience, shouting quips and sexual innuendos during the play, creating a truly unique and fun atmosphere.

The story follows the path of any old-school horror B-movie (Richard O’Brien’s main influence when penning the classic). Brad and Janet are two ‘good’ kids who have just gotten engaged and set out on a journey to meet their old science teacher Dr Scott. Their car breaks down in the rain and they go to a mysterious castle to get help. Little do they know inside lies transvestite Dr. Frank-N-Furter, a mad scientist who has invented a creature to fulfill his sexual desires. Brad and Janet get lost in the madness, succumbing to sexual desire themselves.

The plot is considerably nonsensical, but delightfully hilarious at the same time. The songs are catchy and fun; getting the audience dancing and singing along. Audience members all got up on their feet to do the Time Warp, and waved glow sticks and torches for There’s a Light.

Standout performances include Liam Tamne, who played the lead of Frank. Having a range of theatre experience on the West End, Liam is clearly an experienced performer. Having a great voice and impeccable comic timing makes him one of the best Frank’s I’ve seen. Not to mention how fantastic his legs looked in fishnets. X Factor’s Diana Vickers was pleasantly surprising as Janet, possessing the ability to show Janet’s naivety and hitting those high notes with ease. Norman Pace was an excellent narrator, keeping up with audience quips and innuendos, plus some topical gags and improv. An honorable mention has to go to Dominic Andersen who plays Rocky (bloody hell, that body!).

Although greatly lacking in sense and plot, Rocky Horror is more than just your average musical. It’s an experience like no other, which will have you leaving the theatre happy and laughing. It’s evident why fans go back again and again, and it’s definitely something not to be missed.

Words by Emily Beaumont

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