Last Tango

Review – The Last Tango

Sheffield’s Lyceum threatened to burst at the sequin embellished seams as Vincent Simone and Flavia Cacace took to the stage with ‘The Last Tango’. Fans old and young packed the theatre to watch the Strictly veterans perform.

The story emerged in a loft; with a cache of photos and memorabilia prompting a macarena (sorry, couldn’t resist!) down memory lane. From here, we followed a young Simone as he embarked on the tentative first dates of his relationship with Cacace. As the orchestra waltzed through classics and Flavia and Vincent let their feet do the talking, it soon became apparent that the fuzzy nostalgia we as an audience were beginning to feel would soon be replaced by heartbreak. Sure enough, after extending their family, we were dealt the cruel blow of Flavia being snatched away.

A talented cast and crew made sure we played out this range of emotion, tapping our feet in time the whole way through. After more than 20 years together, Flavia and Vincent seemed to effortlessly move as one. It was quite exhausting to watch the intricacies of their routines.

The tour was recently rather fittingly announced as the former lovers’ last erm… tango, with the news they will quit touring when the current run ends.

Maybe the old guy will finally get around to clearing out his loft.

Teela Clayton

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