Psychic Sally Interview

We chat to psychic of the stars ahead of her live tour as she tells us about her abilities and experiences with spirits and ghosts.

When did you first realise you had special abilities?
At a very, very young age. As far as I’m concerned it’s something that’s always been with me, but it seemed to be random when I was a child. Of course I now realise that when you’re young you’re not very articulate and you can’t always understand what is happening to you. But when you have it from such an early age, it’s becomes normal to you. It doesn’t faze me, it is just who I am.

Do you remember your first psychic experience? What happened?
The first ‘experience’ I remember clearly was when I was four years old. I was at nursery and I asked my teacher why my granddad couldn’t be with me. My teacher told me that no one was allowed their granddad in the class with them and then I pointed at a girl in my class and asked why she was allowed. I could see as clear as day an old man dressed in a full length coat stood next to this girl. The teacher asked me where this man was and so I went right up to him and pointed. The man smiled at me and then just disappeared. No one else in the room saw him.

What made you decide to become a medium full time?
Throughout my teenage years I began giving readings to a few friends here and there and eventually through word of mouth my client base grew. I cannot pinpoint a specific time but my one-to-one readings become more frequent at the age of about 22. I originally worked as a Dental Nurse but eventually started to work full-time giving readings in my front room. My daughter started to take my bookings and before long I had a diary jam-packed full of appointments. I converted my garage into an office and gave readings from there; this became my life for many years. I never did any advertising for my services; my bookings grew through word of mouth, which was very humbling. I loved the feeling of being able to help others on such a personal basis. Although my work can obviously at times be extremely emotional, the fact that I could talk to people who were in spirit world amazed and fascinated me. I knew that I had been given this gift for a reason and felt that I needed to use it in a positive way.

So how does your gift actually work for you?
The easiest way to explain it would be to say that it is just like a thought process; I trust the thoughts that are coming into my head and then pass them on in sentence form. When I was younger my family used to call it my “knowings”. Luckily people can understand what I am talking about! The ability never stops amazing me; it’s very rewarding to see people receiving comfort from what I do.

Do you think there is another side? If so, what are spirits doing there? Can they escape it and pass somewhere else?
As a medium I of course believe there to be an afterlife; what I do is all to do with trusting the information I receive in my head from spirit world. It’s tricky to put into words but spirit world to me is another dimension, it is an energy form where we move onto for the next stage of our journey. Spirits are, as I would put it – resting. They are in heaven surrounded by love and peace – why would they want to escape from that?

What are your thoughts on ghosts?
Firstly I believe that spirit or what people commonly call ghosts, have right of way so to speak! By that I mean people so often want to rid their houses of spirit when the spirit that is there is harmless. Spirits can appear as a mist or vapour and very occasionally have the ability to use their energy to move objects – I’ve seen this myself! I always say that everything has to be perfectly lined up, the energy, the time of day etc for you to see a ghost. This is why it is not a regular occurrence for most people and very special if you do spot one.

It’s interesting as animals often sense spirit / ghosts first, you may find your dog or cat staring at what you believe to be thin air but often this would be spirit. My dogs at home have occasionally have started barking at thin air and I believe they were barking at a spirit.

What do you think are signs from spirit?
I am always asked by people whether or not they will receive a sign from their loved ones in spirit are around us but we have to be in tune with ourselves in order to notice them. In my experience signs come in many forms such as a smell that reminds you of your loved one like a favoured perfume, a white feather or even a visit from a loved one in a dream.

Do you see animals in spirit?
I believe that animals are like a part of the family and that they of course go on to spirit world in the same way that we would. We share an unconditional love with our pets and therefore it’s natural to want to know where they have gone on to as well. I have seen animals in spirit from a young age and often even see them on stage with me. When they pass they go on to be with our friends and family who have passed so that they are not alone.

How do you relax when you are not working?
Due to the hectic schedule of my tour, it’s hard to get time to do too much these days outside of work. I try to see my daughters and grandchildren as much as I can though; our grandchildren are growing up so fast! I love taking a trip to the shops, having coffee and cake or all getting together for a meal. In the winter we love a big roast dinner but in the summer we spend all our time in the garden and have BBQ’s.

What spurs you on to continue?
Meeting the amount of people that I do on a daily basis that are so interested in my work inspires me to continue. Everyday people tell me that I have changed their lives and that means the world to me. Being able to speak to spirit world and pass on messages to people from their loved ones is an amazing gift. I also like to continue as my ability continues to grow all the time – even after all this time and experience I am still learning. Since being on tour I have learnt so much about how spirit and their energy interacts with us.

Tell us about the tour.
I have been touring all over the UK for over seven years now. I absolutely love life on the road as it has really enabled me to explore my ability in a new way. My live shows are completely unpredictable and with so many spirits waiting in the wings so to speak, you just never know what is going to happen! I get a real buzz from being on stage, the atmosphere can be electric and the way the messages move around the audience is fascinating. Obviously at times it can be difficult as with so many messages it is like having 10 radios playing and trying to tune into one of them. It is also hard when a spirit comes through and no one in the audience claims the message. I get countless people contact me either at my signing or through my website saying that a message was for them but they were too scared to stand up and take it. This is such a shame as this opportunity is lost. It would be impossible for me to give an individual message to everyone who comes to see me at my signing, could you image, the theatre would lock up and leave us all there! Overall the tour is about sharing the thought of an afterlife and showcasing how these moments of connection can be utterly astounding. My hope is that people can take comfort from just witnessing this if they do not get a message themselves.

Sally will bring her live show to Sheffield City hall on March 10th 2015 and Chesterfield’s Winding Wheel on April 2nd 2015. Double whammy! Tickets here.

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