Otis Mensah Celebrates ‘Rap Poetics’ EP Launch at Yellow Arch

Otis Mensah is set to perform at Yellow Arch Studios, in celebration of the release of his latest EP ‘Rap Poetics’. The event will be taking place November 28 featuring support from up-and-coming talents Yusuf Yellow and Ray Wills. The show will include a fusion of rap, spoken-word and poetry – all key components of Otis’ style.

The young artist was appointed Sheffield’s poet laureate last year by Sheffield’s Lord Mayor, Magid Magid. ‘Rap Poetics’ was released October 25, and is Otis’ second EP. With this project he aims to demonstrate rap as a form of poetry, and break the elitist confines of the art scene.

For an insight on his work, check out our latest interview with Otis where he discusses ‘Rap Poetics’ and becoming Sheffield’s poet laureate.

Tickets start from £5, pick up yours here.

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