Open Up Sheffield: Miranda Trojanowska

Open Up Sheffield, one of the largest and most successful open studio events outside of the capital, has returned this year in a new online format for the whole of May.

With no event taking place last year due to coronavirus restrictions, this is the first Open Up Sheffield since 2019 – an event which saw a total of 86 individual artists and 9 groups hosting a series of workshops, demonstrations and exhibitions. Next in our Open Up artist spotlight feature is the festival’s very own Miranda Trojanowska.

Open Up Sheffield: Abstract Expressionistic Artist

Miranda took up art after an academic career as a research scientist in biochemistry and continued painting whilst lecturing in biology and forensic science. Miranda sees no contradiction in her academic training as a scientist and in painting of abstract images – both are creative processes aimed at understanding and expressing the world, conveying some of her scientific, artistic and emotional experiences.

Piece of art from Open Up Sheffield artist Miranda Trojanowska entitled: "Colour pattern of triangulation."

Colour pattern of triangulation. – Miranda Trojanowska

Artist Statement

Miranda is an abstract expressionist painter using geometric shapes, lines and colours. She paints intuitively interpreting movement through symmetry and fluidity, building on structure and form. She is  constantly evolving and experimenting; every piece is an evolution, an evolution of thought, creativity, emotion, passion, love, personality and more importantly, the essence and soul of self. The end result is vibrant, colourful and elementary . // //

Open up Sheffield is one of the largest and most successful open studio events outside of the capital, which will return in a new online format for the whole of May due to coronavirus restrictions. This year, artists will have their own dedicated page via the Open Up Sheffield website with photographs featuring their artwork, along with information about the artist, virtual studio demonstrations and artwork tours, contact details and whether the artist will be open to visits by appointment. 

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