Under The Skin

Off The Shelf Goes Gothic

Off the Shelf is taking a darker twist on the final day of the literature festival, just in time for Halloween. On October 31 the horrors of the gothic genre will be explored through a series of talks and film showings which are sure to get you spooked.

Kicking things off at 10.15am will be a discussion led by Professor Matthew Pateman, who taught his popular culture lectures by using Buffy the Vampire as a guideline. His talk will introduce you to the gothic genre and teach you why it remains so important today. Following the talk will be a gothic themed lunch and a chance to try your hand at horror writing at a creative writing workshop.

Next up is a showing of Under the Skin at 1.30pm, a dark and twisted film starring Scarlet Johansson as a mysterious and shifty woman who has a penchant for seducing lonely men who almost always meet a grisly end. The film will be shown at the Showroom and introduced by the award winning novelist Michel Faber.

At 4.30pm Journalist Andrew Wilson will be going ‘beneath the skin’ of visionary fashion designer Alexander McQueen by taking a look into his dark and troubled imagination. Claire Harman will then be rounding the day of talks off with a talk on Charlotte Bronte’s life which contains enough tragedy and drama to fill any gothic novel.

Finally if you’re prepared to face some night frights then head over to The Moor Theatre Delicatessen which will be playing host to Horror Souk, a horrifying, interactive theatre performance unlike any other. Expect hooded actors hiding round every corner, dead rats and disembodied heads.

off the shelf headerFor more information head to www.offtheshelf.org.uk

Tickets for all the day’s events can be purchased from www.sivtickets.com

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