No Haggling, Just Comedy – Exposed tries out a local comedy night at Hagglers Corner

Weekdays can be tough, we all know that. After a long work shift, sometimes we can’t even focus on deciding what could be the best way to relax. But, as the old saying goes, “Laughter is the best medicine” – especially in a city full of free comedy nights throughout the week. Exposed’s Iago Castro visited one of them, “ No haggling, just comedy!”, at Hagglers Corner and returned his verdict for Exposed.

It was a long day, as usual. It took a while to pull some energy together and head to the lovely Hagglers, one of my favourite corners in Sheffield. It’s a free comedy night, but you must book to get a seat – and you better hurry! The spots are limited, and I can tell you, they fly out.

So I booked. Table for one, I’m a lonely driver who loves comedy. I arrived, and I headed to the first floor, where I was welcomed by Daniel (@danielinniscomedy). He will insist on being called a presenter, but the truth is he’s the master of ceremonies, brimming with undeniable presence and charisma.

I settled in. Sadly, I wasn’t lucky enough to get the VIP room. But I made do with a bar stool between two big tables and next to the corridor. I’m here for the laughs, not the comfort. Time to provide myself with a refreshment; you must keep your tongue hydrated to reach the ideal performance when it comes to laughing. Hagglers Lager is a solid choice.

The fact I’m sitting on a stool can give everybody an idea of how important is to book: the room was packed. And the crowd was truly diverse – from students to elderly people, passing by families, friends, and even a really cute dog. His name was Zorro, I think. Apparently, he was a Hagglers Comedy night vet.

Having a laugh: it was another sellout night at Hagglers.

And here we go, kick-off time. After a brief introduction by Daniel, the first act of the night was left to Ciaran Mullins (@ciamull) and, with him, the laughter started to flow through the room like a river. He concluded with a joke based on giraffes and Geordies which I can’t replicate here. I’m not allowed. Next up, we enjoyed the unbeatable energy of Rachel Robbins (@rachel.robbins.comedy). Rachel told us she discovered her passion for stand-up late; thankfully for us, she has since fully immersed herself into live comedy performance and put on a top show.

After the first break, wisely invested by the people around to refill their glasses and order some hot food, the second pass started; it was Charlotte Cropper’s (@croppachoppa) turn. The youngest artist in the line-up, she charmed the room with her vibrant attitude.

Charlotte may have been the youngest on the bill, but the crowd loved every minute of the set.

Then it was James Crook’s (@counterfeitcrooky) turn. Totally unrelated to the legendary sailor, the Mancunian offered a solid, celebrated routine, exploring the depths of his psyche, thoughts and fears. After his block, we had the chance of having a second and last break, during which I invested in a classic pint of Moonshine, getting ready for the last name of the night.

With his unmistakable Scottish manner, Jim Burke (@barcajim63) went through all the middle-aged topics he’s facing, as a parent, as a husband and as a grumpy Scot living in England. Daniel advised us that we might need subtitles, but it didn’t really matter. His quick-witted humour was infectious.

After making a small contribution (remember, guys: always contribute to the artist), I decided to call it a night. But on my walk home, I was already thinking about the next free comedy session. For these free, community-focused nights of laughter and joy, I love Sheffield.

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