Most Liked YouTube Channels About Different Cultures

What is it about different cultures that we find so captivating? Perhaps it’s the idea that there are individuals out there who are human beings, like us, but their lives are so dissimilar from our own. What they go through every day is different from what we do. However, at the same time:

• Their thoughts and feelings are not so different from ours
• Their basic humanity shines through, even if their routines are entirely dissimilar
• They yearn, hope, and dream, just as we do

Social media, such as the YouTube platform, is a way for us to learn about other cultures and what they have to teach us. In this article, we will identify some of the best YT channels where you can learn about different cultures. Some time spent on these channels will teach you about how huge the world is and how to take inspiration from its many inhabitants.

What if You Wish to Create Your Own Culture-Based Channel?

Before we dive into some of the best YT channels for learning about different cultures, we should mention that you can start one of these channels if you feel like you can create compelling enough content.

To get started, you might choose to buy cheap YouTube likes to encourage the first platform users to stop by and see some of your videos. If you don’t have a following yet, this tactic makes sense.

To give yourself the best chance to create a channel for business or your personal satisfaction that people will love, you’ll want to pick topics that will generate a lot of interest. If you pick mundane topics that will bore your audience, that won’t get you very far.

Now, let’s talk about some channels that delve into different cultures that consistently get the most positive feedback.

Navajo Traditional Teachings

You can always create channels for business, but some of the most successful ones follow a different blueprint. Some come into being for the simple reason that the content creator wants to pass on what they have learned. The Navajo Traditional Teachings channel is one of these.

This is a place to visit where you can:

• Learn from Shane Brown and his father Wally what it means to live like the Navajo
• Understand the Navajo legends surrounding eclipses and other natural phenomena
• Discover how Navajo past teachings can live on in our modern culture

After their original video went viral in 2017, the Browns decided they would continue posting. At the moment, the channel has 184,000 subscribers. It is a wonderful example of how specific cultural knowledge can be passed on not just from one generation to another but also to the world as a whole for humanity’s betterment.

Traditional Me

The Traditional Me channel is run by a family in Sri Lanka. It has more than 1.11 million followers, so many likes, an amazing accomplishment considering the rustic surroundings in which the family lives. This channel is concerned mostly with:

• Living simply and in harmony with nature
• Taking lessons from the natural world around the family
• The traditional food that the Sri Lankan culture makes

The warmth and charm of this family are easy to like. They bicker in a good-natured way, but the love is undeniable.

The family lives using readily available natural sources, so their carbon footprint is almost nonexistent. From the earthen pots that they use for cooking to the resources surrounding their humble home, this channel teaches valuable lessons about how to get along without materialism or greed.


Liziqi’s channel is a place to go to learn how to prepare simple, wholesome food in the traditional Chinese style. Liziqi is a young woman who comes from a small family, but her fame has become nothing short of astonishing in the past couple of years. She has 15.8 million subscribers, her videos get so many YouTube likes and her videos show the joy she takes in teaching her favorite dishes.

You feel like a member of Liziqi’s extended family when she takes you inside her kitchen and teaches you how to get the best results from simple, wholesome ingredients. She also made a Shu Embroidery video that shows how to make a stunning traditional Chinese dress from scratch.

Osiyo TV

The Osiyo TV channel is the destination where you can learn about the Cherokee people and their place in modern society. It is part of an Emmy-winning set of learning tools collectively known as the Osiyo TV Voice of the Cherokee People.

These are short films done in an easy-to-follow documentary style. Truly, they are a master class in content creation for anyone who wants to get positive results on the YT platform, either for monetary gain or just for your personal satisfaction.

These videos:

• Infuse warmth with humor in an irresistible way
• Teach their audience without being heavy-handed
• Teach you how to do specific things that are unique to the Cherokee people

The individuals featured are authentic Cherokees who are eager to show off their artistic and practical skills. Through these videos, you’re getting a gateway to a people who are still full of pride and take an unmistakable pleasure in going through their daily lives.


The Kimi family lives in South Korea, and they have another YouTube channel that is consistently popular and gets a ton of likes. This family lives deep in the countryside, and they have hundreds of thousands of flowers. It’s breathtaking to go on a tour of them and to see the family taking care of them.

The cultivation and care that goes into these flowers teach patience. The family has been caring for flowers for generations, and every moment of their day serves a purpose.

They prepare meals, spend time together, and move about their small estate. In the evenings, they gather to enjoy food made from staples like kimchi and other traditional Korean ingredients.

All of these YT channels get lots of positive feedback, and though there are some distinct differences among them, there are also some similarities that you should pay attention to if you’re interested in getting ahead on this platform.

The individuals in these channels radiate warmth, authenticity, and charm. They seem very genuine because they’re being themselves.

If you look at some YT channels, there’s very little of that. The lesson you can take is to be yourself and to let your personality and real, unadulterated self shine through. If your audience can pick up on that, you should get a good result. If what you’re producing is contrived, you probably won’t see the positive numbers you would like.

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