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Love Sheffield comes to life at Cathedral exhibition

Words: James Leaney 

A new exhibition from local photographer Brian Mosley has brought all the warmth and local pride of ‘Love Sheffield’ to Sheffield Cathedral. At 23,000 strong, the Love Sheffield online community is a thriving space for people across the region to share their love for the Steel City and its surroundings. Brian, Love Sheffield’s founder, describes how sharing photos and videos on the platform has proved an effective tool in creating unity and compassion in the often divisive world of social media: “All we do is create this peaceful, personal space online and connect by sharing our views of Sheffield that we love, and we love to share.”

“All we do is create this peaceful, personal space online.”

Having utilised photography to both explore his surroundings for over thirty years, Brian has drawn on his connection to sharing these experiences as a means of wholly embracing our shared environment. “Generally, when I’ve been at my happiest in life, I’ve been more connected with beautiful things around us. So I’ve tended to use photography to connect with the real world, to focus on the things I appreciate.”

This capacity of the digital sphere to serve as a medium for creating connections has never been more evident than through the social-to-digital acrobatics we’ve all performed during recent lockdowns. As we tentatively move forward, Brian reflects on the importance of connection as one of the valuable lessons learned during the pandemic, and how Love Sheffield will continue to strive toward nurturing their community. “We continue our purpose in Love Sheffield, which is helping people to become more connected on every level: connected with their personal sense of agency; connected with their power to live their own lives; connecting with each other in friendship; connecting with our surroundings and heritage across the city.”

“I’ve tended to use photography to connect with the real world, to focus on the things I appreciate.”

The ongoing exhibition is hosted at the cathedral’s Café 1554 venue. Here, you will find prints and postcards of some of Brian’s most popular photographs, available for purchase, order, or simply to enjoy in a peaceful and reflective ode to the Steel City. Brian himself suggests we view the exhibition, fundamentally, as another opportunity for the people of Sheffield to connect over the shared adoration of their home. “We hope that the Cathedral café could become one of many ‘friendship venues’, where people come together and connect in the real world; to have a focal point where people who love Sheffield can come together and enjoy being in a space that is peaceful.”

For those wishing to experience Sheffield in all of its beauty, the exhibition is now available to view and will be updated over time. Keep an eye out for some of Brian’s personal favourites, Hendo the Panda and the Stanage Edge millstones.

Café 1554, Sheffield Cathedral, Church St, Sheffield S1 1HA.

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