Live Art Battle comes to Sheffield

Art Battle is a live painting competition that takes place in over 50 cities around the world, from New York to Johannesburg and now Sheffield. It’s a battle of the brushes as artists compete to transform a blank canvas into finished works of art in front of a live audience. The audience then votes (through an app) for their favourite artist.

The competition aims to make art more accessible to general public, and to dissuade associating the art world with stuffy elites and impenetrable jargon about movements and techniques.

UK Art Battle coordinator Doug Carson explains: “The ability of the audience to vote on the winner is a real democratisation of an art form that traditionally had only a few people in positions of power telling people what to like. This ability to have art selected by the people in an active way is beautiful, disruptive and fun.”

The event also features street food, live DJ performances and art stalls, making it a great social event for all ages to enjoy.

Art Battle will take place on 21 March at 92 Burton Rd, 7.00pm – 11.00pm. Tickets are available from Party For The People.

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