Little Kelham’s Eagle Works to celebrate restoration with live opera

One of Little Kelham’s steel mills has been fully restored to its former glory and to celebrate, is hosting a week of live opera. 

Citu – the housing development company that is transforming Little Kelham into a low-carbon housing estate, has partnered with Historic England to restore the former steel mills in the area. Eagle Works, the largest of the mills, has now been completed and in partnership with Opera On Location, is set to host Don Giovanni – one of Mozart’s darkest pieces.

Don Giovanni will run from 29 August to 1 September at 7:15pm.  It’s a tale of murder, rape and revenge but Opera On Location has decided to take a modern spin on the story. The original was written in 1787 but this 2018 version follows the “Weinstein affect”, #MeToo and #TimesUp movements. This is the sixth production for the Sheffield based company.

Tickets are £21 or £19 for concessions. You can book your ticket here. Image credit: Operation On Location 

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