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JC4PM @ The Lyceum

The growing left-wing buzz from the Labour party came to Sheffield last week during an upbeat night of entertainment at the Lyceum. Mock The Week panellist and former Blackadder Goes Forth presenter Jeremy Hardy hosted the event that saw hundreds of red-topped socialists flock to the sold out theatre.

From Matt Abbott’s witty spoken word on pies and politics, to Josie Long’s fairy tale metaphor on Sanders and Corbyn; performers were consistently amusing and thought provoking throughout.

Though the poor lad named Bartholomew on the front row wouldn’t have said the same, as he was continually picked out during the night’s most hilarious moment curated by Patrick Monahan.

The buzzing sense of political optimism felt unprecedented in the Steel City, at least since that monumental U-turn by a certain local orange-tied politician. The Guardian-acclaimed songwriting talents of Gracie Petrie closed the night, giving punters hope that Corbyn’s wave of compassionate politics is one step closer to reality.

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