Introducing Sisters Sanctuary: Affordable holistic events designed to give local women a relaxing experience

Sisters Sanctuary, the latest offering in the holistic events market, has officially launched in Sheffield promising to provide women with affordable, relaxing and educational holistic events, which combine relaxation and education around alternative therapies and practices.

The aim of Sisters Sanctuary is to bring together a number of experts from across the region, providing day retreats for people who would like to learn more about how to look after their health naturally. With the interest in alternative health services ever increasing, these events are a great way for people to relax in a beautiful environment, make time for themselves and learn about different ways to help manage conditions like anxiety, stress, depression, gut problems and more. These events are a new concept in Sheffield – they will be working with local therapists and using local venues – and the aim is to keep costs down for people wanting to invest in their self-development and spread the word of local yoga teachers, naturopaths, aromatherapists, homeopathists and alike.

Sisters Sanctuary are holding their first event on 15 July 2023 at Whirlow Spirituality Centre and so far, the launch has been a great success. 50% of tickets have sold out within the first 48 hours. The events are designed for women and focus on topics such as hormonal health, gut health, meditation with essential oils and much more. These workshops are combined with holistic practices such as kundalini yoga and sound baths to create a unique experience.

“We are thrilled to introduce Sisters Sanctuary to Sheffield,” said the company’s founder, Kulbir Kaur. “We believe that our events offer a unique, cost-effective experience where people can go and have the full retreat experience without the price tag. The events will be held in beautiful venues and led by experts. Our mission is to spread the word about natural healing and practices that can help people throughout their lives and make them easily accessible, especially for those who have busy lives and may not have time to research different therapies.

The events are also for those who would like a taster of certain practices or therapies before fully committing to a programme – saving time and money! This really is a game-changer! No more individual therapist trips, subscriptions or contracts – Sisters Sanctuary our events are here to nourish the city.”

The Sisters Sanctuary launch is expected to generate significant interest among consumers and industry insiders alike, as the company looks to establish a brand which combines popular therapies and education, in an ever-growing market of people, who don’t want to be fully dependent upon Western medicine and want to take their healing into their own hands.

For more information on Sisters Sanctuary and its product offerings, please contact Kulbir on 07941 212152 or

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