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Interview with Jillian Michaels

Exposed meets Jillian Michaels, the wellness guru and ‘Biggest Loser (USA)’ star, bringing her acclaimed Maximise Your Life tour to Sheffield on 24th January.

Jillian shares her secrets for health, success and happiness, revealing why fad diets don’t work and the reason why most people have ditched their well meaning resolutions come the second week of January. Pray tell, Jillian…

Hi Jillian. This is the first time you’re bringing one of your tours to the UK, are you looking forward to hitting our fair Sheffield shores with Maximise Your Life?

I’ve been to the UK many times as my mom’s family was originally from Manchester, but never for work. I couldn’t be more excited to bring work that I love to a place that I love!

So what is Maximise Your Life all about?

It’s about harnessing your potential to lead your healthiest happiest live. You’ll learn how to connect with and cultivate your passion, build a strong sense of worth and confidence, and take powerful action steps to reverse destructive behaviors and replace them affirming actions that create real change. All in order to cultivate physical health, better intimacy in your relationships, and a rewarding and fulfilling career.

Did you manage to keep up your healthy lifestyle over the Christmas period?

I indulged on several occasions, but that’s all fine when you are exercising and eating healthy the majority of the time. I find the holidays easier to traverse actually because I’m not working as much so I have more time to fit in solid workouts.

Losing weight and getting fit are one of the most common New Year’s Resolutions. What mistakes do fitness newbies tend to make?

Two crucial things:

First, they never establish their “why” – the reason why the work and effort associated with being healthy is worth doing. It has been said that if you have the why to live for, you can tolerate the how, and this is abundantly true when it comes to a weight loss regimen.

Second, people don’t take the time to educate themselves in the simple facts of weight loss. They allow themselves to get sucked into “cleanses” and fad diets that are not sustainable, starve the body, damage metabolism and lead to a vicious cycle of yo yo dieting. I go over all the key information so weight loss is simple and straight forward in my live show.

What is your typical workout routine?

I train roughly 4 times a week. I do yoga once, cycle or run once, and do Bodyshred twice.

What is your workout heaven and workout hell?

I love complex fun challenging regimens like free running or capoeira. I hate endurance cardio – like long runs. Hate it.

You regularly display your toned bod on the covers of magazines such as Womens Health and Shape, is there anything about your body you don’t like?

I love my body as a whole. Do I wish I didn’t have cellulite on my ass? Sure I do. But I realize that’s just my ego talking. I’m in great health, I’m incredibly strong, and no ones perfect. Even if perfect were possible it would surely be boring. Screw boring.

You’ve released exercise games for the Xbox and Fitness Ultimatum for the Nintendo Wii, can these really generate results?

Yes of course as long as you are consistent and mindful of your diet simultaneously.

If you’re going to indulge, what food do you love to indulge in?

Wine and chocolate. Hands down.

A lot of people tend to stop dieting and exercising as they struggle to stay motivated. What tips do you have for staying motivated?

Stop and really think about the ways in which your quality of life will improve once you are healthy. Be specific and detailed. Will you feel more comfortable being intimate with your partner? Will you have more energy to keep up with your kids? Will you rock a bikini on your holiday instead of being covered up and uncomfortable?? Whatever your answer, there is nothing too profound or too shallow. Write it down. Meditate on it. Keep it top of your mind and remind yourself when things get hard that all of those things you want are worth more than 5 minutes of pizza.

Diets such as Juice Plus, 5:2 diet, and fad diets such as the cabbage soup diet are becoming increasingly popular. What are your opinions on these styles of dieting?

Like I said, avoid at all costs. Common sense and sustainability are the key to lasting weight loss.

Finally, what else does 2015 hold for you?

Likely a return to tv. A new book for pregnant mommies. The roll out of my fitness program, Bodyshred, in gyms across English speaking countries. A healthy food line. The expansion of my fitness clothing line at Kmart. And most importantly, more time with my family!

Maximise your life hits Sheffield City Hall on January 24

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