Interview: Lu Bee’s Botanics

So! Tell me all about how Lu Bee’s Botanics started.

Well my partner and I attended a terrarium masterclass which we really enjoyed; I then started making them as a hobby and found that friends were interested in buying them, so I decided to set up a Facebook page and have had lots of interest since!

I have had a challenging couple of years; my mum passed away in 2014 after a 2 year battle with cancer. I was 22 at the time and had not long finished Uni. I am an only child I found it very difficult to come to terms with, but my partner and my dad have been so supportive of me, and have encouraged me with every decision I’ve made, and I’m so grateful for that.

My hope is to inspire people, and show that there can be life after a difficult event; I love each and every one of my customers, as they remind me of that.

Where do you get inspiration from for your lovely terrariums?

I get my inspiration from a variety of different places, every source of creativity around me inspires me in some way. Some of my terrariums are themed, like the bespoke Alice in Wonderland one I made for a customer, I re-watched the film to get some inspo. I also get ideas from walks that I go on with my dogs in the countryside, and nature in general.

And do you purchase all the bits and bobs to make them locally?

Yes mostly, I get my plants from a lovely local succulent and cacti wholesaler and other nurseries around South Yorkshire, but if I am looking for something specific like a particular ornament, I will search far and wide for it. I make everything in my flat (which now looks like a greenhouse) and I am moving to a new house soon so can’t wait to have some more room for my plants!

Where can fellow Sheffielders find your little creations?

You can view my creations on my Instagram and Facebook pages; or come to my workshop in Hillsborough to look at them in person. I deliver anywhere in Sheffield and I am happy to bring a selection to people’s houses for them to look at and choose something. I also occasionally have a stall at The Moor Market in Sheffield city centre, the next 2 dates that I have booked in are: Saturday 8th April, and Saturday 22nd April.

Any exciting future plans?

My plans for the near future are to book some more dates at markets, maybe further afield than Sheffield, and my long-term goal is to have my own shop!

For more info on Lu Bee’s Botanics, head to her Facebook or Instagram

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