Making a Splash! Interview with Isabelle Skyes

The team at Manor Operatic are dusting off their brollies for this month’s production of famous musical Singin’ in the Rain. A few weeks before the opening night at Sheffield City Hall, Exposed caught up with Isabelle Sykes who will be taking on the iconic lead role of Katy Selden.

How was it adapting to the role of Kathy Selden?
It was fine! Kathy is a fun, sweet character as opposed to being too loud and bold. She’s the girl next door and someone I’ve grown to find easy to adapt to because she’s a lovely character to play.

Has it been difficult to take on such an iconic role?
Yes, especially since Sheffield City Hall is such a big location. It can be quite nerve-wracking performing in front of up to 3,000 people with a role that I’m sure so many people will be familiar with – but I’ve tried to make the most of the opporunity and hopefully will do it justice.

As a young actor yourself, was it easy to adapt to a character who is an aspiring actor?
I guess so, yeah. Although she doesn’t act so much at the start as she’s in the chorus, which I found the easiest to adapt to because I’m also a dancer. The best part for me is in the song ‘Dream of You’, where she’s characterised by her facial expressions and the way she moves – it’s really enjoyable to portray.

Does this production take another angle on the traditional story?
There’s not too much of a difference, it’s still the same musical people love. But there’s definitely a Manor Operatic-style twist which makes it a bit more modern and up to date than the original.

Tell us a bit about how you’ve prepared for the role.
I’ve watched the film so many times when first getting into the role of Kathy to try and truly understand and adapt to the character. I’ve also been to see the show twice in preparation to see how other actors play the role to see what I can do differently for our performance.

Who do you think would enjoy coming to this show? Is it a family affair?
It’s definitely one for any generation! It features not only romance but plenty of comedy as well and it’s the sort of thing that will be suited to pretty much anyone. Also, because of the modern twist, a younger audience will maybe enjoy it more than you would expect them to. It’s just a classic story for anyone to enjoy.

Are there any songs in particular you’re looking forward to performing?
Yes, I can’t wait to perform ‘Good Morning’ on the night. It’s a really iconic part of the musical and one that many will hopefully recognise.

Anything else you’d like to add about the show?
It’s definitely not one to miss out on! Grab your rain coats and head down to see us – it’s going to be a splashing show!

The Manor Operatic Company performs Singin’ in the Rain at Sheffield City Hall from the 10th –13th of May. Tickets are available at

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