Harold and Arthur’s Horror Show

Intense, bleak and juvenile – just three words you could describe the two-man travelling show of Harold and Arthur’s Horror show. They’re bringing their unique sense of humour to Theatre Deli on October 11, we caught up with them both ahead of the show.

You have been working together for a number of years now, how did you meet and what made you decide to work together?
Harold: We’re cursed.
Arthur: Every time we try to quit life on the road, something goes wrong. Mysteriously. Like, we run out of money.
H: I mean, we met at university. But we’ve been researching true crime and unsolved mysteries for nearly a decade; we’ve worked together on all sorts of weird and dangerous projects over the years.
A: We’ve had shows in theatres, bars, basements, attics, living rooms, motels, death hotels, multi-use spaces, disused spaces, useless spaces and music venues all across the UK and Australia.
H: And it’s quite addictive. There’s nothing like scaring people into doing some much-needed research. We like to keep our audiences up all night.

Who are Harold and Arthur?
H: We ask ourselves that question every morning…
A: We’re two men, who’ve seen too much; or not enough, we’re not sure. What we’d actually like to see is some damned answers.
H: Where do these missing people go…
A: What’s taking them…
H: …And why the hell is no one is doing anything about it?
A: It’s not a fucking joke, mate. It’s actually fucking happening.
H: And we’re sick of it. And people need to know the truth.

What about horror appeals to you?
A: Horror is a good vehicle for strange ideas. It makes people wake up and listen. It allows you to explore some pretty unusual topics, to go to places that you don’t get chance to in other genres… Places you might not particularly want to visit. But we’ve got a responsibility to do that, knowing what we know.
H: If you’re trying to tell people something important – like the fact that hundreds of people really do go missing under sinister and completely inexplicable circumstances every week – well, dressing it up as horror is a good way to make people pay attention. And slapping “comedy” on the end is a good way to get interview requests.

Is it challenging to incorporate comedy with horror? Why do you like to combine those genres?
H: Sometimes something is so traumatic that you can either laugh or cry. We’re not picky about which.

Your current tour is sponsored by Missing People UK, and the proceeds will be donated to them. What made you want to work with them?
A: All the free charity gala cocai–
H: The sense of public duty, I think. After all, it’s a show about truly strange disappearances. They’re a great charity and we wanted to promote their cause. And of course, our profits from this tour will all go to the charity itself. We do make light of it occasionally – you have to, it’s an upsetting subject – but when you get down to it, there’s nothing funny about missing people.
A: They did try to send us a banner in the post, but sadly it never arrived. All the same, they’re doing fantastic work, and they’ve been great to work with.

You’re performing at Theatre Deli on October 11. What should people expect from your live show?
A: To be well and truly disturbed.
H: And of course, this time we’re joined by a really incredible special guest. We can’t let his identity slip just yet, but suffice it to say he’s a very highly acclaimed true-crime writer with a hit show on Netflix. I know right. We’re stoked.
A: He’s friends with Les Stroud. You know, Survivorman, from TV.
H: It’s not Les Straud… But it’s pretty damned exciting to be interviewing this guy live in Sheffield, as part of the show. He’s got some really interesting stuff to talk about.
A: And, of course, there’s lots more. Multimedia, special effects, pure existential terror. And an owl.
H: It should make you gasp. It should make you panic. It should unsettle you. And it does. People go home scared. We get their emails. It’s really quite upsetting.
A: In a good way.
H: And of course, we can promise… It will follow you home.

You can get tickets to see Harold and Arthur’s Horror Show for £8 from hahorrorshow.com

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