Forge Sheffield: Record-Ridgway Tools

A lot of Urbex spots are meant to be hidden gems, but the locations themselves are usually hidden in plain sight. Due to Sheffield’s industrial past there’s a myriad of large, derelict factories dotted all over, so plenty of people will walk past a spot every day with no clue of what lies within.

The Shalesmoor/Kelham Island area is a hotbed for abandoned factories. Student accommodation and young professional’s apartments are slowly taking over, but there are still forgotten buildings yet to be renovated.

This factory was as long as a few double decker busses. With two main rooms completely empty except for rubbish, puddles and a lot of graffiti. The far room didn’t have anything too special except for a huge mural by Phlegm; a piece I’d wanted to see for a long time, completely worth it when viewed up close.

Due to the wet weather, the rest of the rooms were overrun with puddles, mould and the like. Most of the walls were littered with pieces from the usual suspects like Colorarti, Nymph, Sill and Mila K. Due to the vast size of the main rooms the artists have been able to produce big pieces with lots of detail.

In the top rooms little was left uncovered by the grime and mould creeping in from the corrugated roofing, but there were all sorts of pieces from the past like daily newspapers from 1999, discarded health and safety forms and other signs of a working day taking place sometime 17 years ago.
New art pieces appear all the time so another visit is definitely due soon.

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