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Forge Sheffield: Jacob’s Factory

Urbexer and Exposed photoblogger Tom Plant explores Jacob’s Factory in his latest Forge Sheffield blog.

Little information is really known about the old Jacob’s Engineering Factory. A quick Google search throws up a plethora of industrial estate agents trying their best to flog the 3.38 acres site as best they can, but it’s sat dormant for as long as I can remember, so I guess they aren’t doing such a great job…

The site consists of a huge main warehouse made up of four corrugated roofs, amongst other little off-shot rooms. The roof isn’t in great shape with the elements filtering through. Covered in grime and mould the inside is like one giant puddle, with some sky lights letting in moderate light.

The factory floor consists mainly of the two far walls covered in graffiti pieces, along the right side are a couple of rooms and a set of stairs which all house more graffiti and basically a jungle, as one room was so overgrown it had a tree taking up the entire space!

The dank, dark atmosphere makes the colour of the pieces really pop and with bountiful puddles there are reflection shots galore.
The walls are adorned with the usual suspects: Phlegm, Colorati, Faunagraphic, Rocket01 and plenty more. In the courtyard a makeshift mini skate park has been built by Sheffield skaters and covered in lesser-known artists’ pieces, many involving skate culture such as Sheffield brand Sex Skateboards.

Let’s hope the estate agents continue to be unsuccessful in their endeavours so the skaters can keep skating, the graffers can keep graffing and we Urbexers can keep snooping! and we Urbexers can keep snooping!

For more from Tom’s Urbex photoblog, head to forgesheff.wordpress.com.

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