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Forge Sheffield: Dyson Thermal Industries

The Dyson thermal plant or ‘Brick Works’ was founded by John Dyson back in the early 1800s. Unsurprisingly, the factory played a part in Sheffield’s booming manufacturing industry in the 19th century, specifically making ceramics for steel companies but also bricks for domestic purposes such as Agas and fire backs.
The plot is massive, spanning a good football pitch or two in length. The main buildings are incredibly tall inside and you can easily imagine the vast machinery which was once housed here.
Many pieces of its industrial past are evident all over the area, with switches and knobs galore amongst loads of old engineering machinery. Tucked away at the back of one of the main rooms I found a small room with shelves littered with old books, logs and other odds and ends.
It’s not as full with graffiti as many other locations I’ve visited; I think that’s due to the remote location and tricky access. Although there are some very cool pieces adorning the surfaces here and there.
The vast ceilings and rusted machinery show how old this place is and one of the main warehouses is full to the brim with unused bricks dating back to the early 1900s.
In contrast, the far end of the plot is overrun with plant life. One room has plants growing from the inside of the building and breaking loose through the shattered windows. This gives a cool vibe of a wild and overgrown area, as nature reclaims the almost 200 year old building.

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