Leopold Square to host first Sheffield World of Dance Festival

The Sheffield World of Dance Festival is taking place on Saturday 29th June and Leopold Square are looking for people to take part.

The inaugural Sheffield World of Dance Festival aims to celebrate a variety of dance styles and cultures from all over the globe. Expect to see everything from ballet and waltzing to salsa and hip-hop. So whether you’re studying the fine art or just like to bust a move in your spare time, this festival will cater to all your boogie needs.

And like every good festival, it’s all about the people involved. Leopard Square are currently on the hunt for local dancers and groups of all genres to come forward to part-take in the event.

Nick Yates from Leopold Square commented: “The World of Dance Festival is something new for Leopold Square this year and it’s sure to bring a fantastic array of colour, music and entertainment. Whilst there will be professional performers on the day, we’re well aware there are some extremely talented dance groups in the local area and would love as many as possible to be part of the event, so we’re encouraging them to get in contact.”

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