February: Culture Top Picks

From topical, captivating theatre to highly anticipated comedic shows, here are our top picks if you’re looking to immerse yourself in some culture this upcoming month…

LYCEUM // 6-10 February // £15.50 – £45.50
Lyceum presents the return of much beloved comedy series in a new live stage performance. The original cast from the “razor-sharp, British humour” comedy – Globelink News are back. Expect new topical commentary from the world of 24 hours news.

Drop the dead donkey

30 years since the smash-hit TV series, the Globelink News team are back – image Sheffield Theatres

THEATRE DELI // 8 February // £13.30
Described as ‘a whole lot of fun’, Claire Parry takes you into the world of Boorish Trumpson, a rehearsal conductor who’s goal is to take control over the orchestra. In this productions, the forth wall will be broken, as you are the orchestra. Through comedy and interaction, audiences are left with one question ‘how complicit are we in enabling such figures to rise to the top?

Boorish Trumpson

The five-star rated show comes to Theatre Deli early this month – image Theatre Deli

PLAYHOUSE // 19 – 20 February // £14 -£16
In a journey to change the world, Family Business speaks out on nuclear weapons and why people are not discussing these issues today. Diplomats and activists are the key themes in their production and is said to leave you questioning the world we currently live in.

A Family business

Award-winning theatre-maker Chris Thorpe and director Rachel Chavkin reunite for this timely production – image Sheffield Theatres

THEATRE DELI // 13 February // £11
Perfect for paranormal lovers. The remarkable 1977 Endfield Poltergeist case is now at the Theatre Deli. A dramatisation of the ‘very human’ events that occurred in a haunted council house, we follow the character Maurice Grosse, who will attempt to solve the spooky going-ons alongside finding peace with their own past.

Enfield Poltergeist

Based on rumored events, catch this production on 13th February, if you dare!

THE PLAYHOUSE // 28 Feb – 9 March // £22
Exploring seemingly disparate postcolonial experiences in Uganda, Palestine, and the UK, the impactful play Lines traces the journeys of prisoners across various eras and nations. It delves into the idea that their past, present and future may be more intertwined than one might initially assume.


Selected as one of the Guardian’s “Best Theatre Tickets to Book” for 2024, Lines is not to be missed – image Smart Banda

CRUCIBLE // 2 – 30 March // £15 – £37
Arthur Miller’s ‘timeless masterpiece’ The Crucible – a performance created on the events of the Salam Witch trials is coming to life in Sheffield this March. With a goal of self-preservation from a group of girls accused of witchcraft. Themes of Secrets, community and hysteria is expected in this performance.

The Crucible

The stacked cast for this production features both new and returning faces of the Sheffield Theatres scene – image Sheffield Theatres

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