A Class Act: Pete McKee announces new exhibition

Celebrated Sheffield artist Pete McKee recently revealed details of a brand new exhibition, his first in two years, and Exposed are offering you the chance to bag a pair of tickets to the first night of opening!

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We’re told that This Class Works will be a unique presentation of work which will show collaborations with a range of artists, film makers and photographers to explore and celebrate the working class of the country.

Born to a steel worker and factory line worker and brought up on a council estate in Sheffield, Batemoor-born McKee grew up with a great admiration for the sprit, hope and resourcefulness of working class life – something at odds with many modern day media portrayals and attitudes towards the lower end of class spectrum today.

““I am delighted to be working with a range of other very talented, creative people in order to present this new exhibition which aims to re-address the unbalance that currently exists in media and society,” Pete told us of the inspiration behind his new collection of work. “It’s an unbalance that seems to deride and tar the working class as lazy, selfish, needy, ignorant, intolerant, worthless and the cause of all societies problems. It’s important for me to show the spirit of the working class; the pride, hope, fight, passion and resourcefulness that has been their foundation.”

This Class Works will be on display from 14-29 July at 92 Burton Road, opening 4-9pm Mon-Fri and 10-8pm Sat-Sun. 

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