Championing women in film: Reclaim the Frame is coming to Sheffield

Birds Eye View series of Reclaim the Frame will be coming to Sheffield for the first time, on the 13th March at Showroom Cinema.

The main objective of Reclaim the Frame is to bring attention to films created by women and address the power imbalance within the film industry. Additionally, the project not only champions women in film but also aims to raise awareness of conscious consumerism in cinema through its message. The featured films present stories told through female points of view and explore various narrative landscapes of the female gaze on screen.

With men accounting for 92% of directors and 90% of screenwriters in the Top 200 Films at the UK box Office in 2016, the initiative is becoming a positive force of change, as it aims to tip the imbalance that is extant in the industry. Not only does it encourage audiences to come in contact with films written and created by women, resulting in further recognition of their work, but it challenges restricting, one-sided, narratives thus broadening the perspective from which a story can be told from. Reclaim the Frame consequently becomes a safe space within which film acts as a medium that women and non-binary individuals can tell a story through their own voice.

Thanks to the British Film Institute’s Audience Fund, Reclaim the Frame will be able to reach out to more cities than last year’s pilot project did including cinemas in London, Manchester, Plymouth, Birmingham, Newcastle, Sheffield, Leeds, Glasgow and Exeter. The project’s 2019 programme is set to promote 10 new feature length films, starting with a debut feature by Sara Colangelo- ‘The Kindergarten Teacher. ’ In addition, the events will also offer the opportunity to attend post-screening discussions with experts in their fields, including poets, psychiatrists and writers.

For more information on Birds Eye View, head to the website here

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